Modeling is a vital activity in our research for the understanding of dynamics….

Model Based Operation Support Technology

Considered as standard tools in petrochemical industry….

Integration of Process Design , Control and Operations

Under preparation.


We are going to present two papers at ADCHEM

Modeling of milk acidification


Local parameter identifiability of large-scale nonlinear models based on the output sensitivity covariance matrix
The AIDA project performed fundamental and applied research towards predictive capabilities and the integration of digital technologies to different market-sectors. We have studied  how Artificial Intelligence solutions can be extended and improved with the inclusion of dynamic (transient) process information hence will lead to better predictions, and therefore better applicability.

The AIDA project focused on monitoring the energy consumption in buildings with the aim at predicting the required energy and get a more efficient management with a reduction of cost and lower environmental impact.

The work performed in this project has allowed to set and validate the proof of concept of the hybrid approach (AI + dynamic models) which has demonstrated to be promising for improving the assessment of single AI frameworks.