Mission and Vision

Chemical process and manufacturing industry is confronted with several challenges. To name a few, finite natural and critical resources, increase in energy demand and minimization of impact on environment. In addressing these challenges, new and multiple source of raw materials, energy transition and circularity will play an important role. Technological developments in these areas imply and require a tightly integrated physical network, wide range of feedstock and a process industry responsive to conflicting multiple energy source and market prices.

Our mission is to explore and develop technology to achieve high level of autonomy,  improved performance, and flexibility  in the operation of chemical processes. To achieve this, we strive to:


The dynamic behavior and influence of external factors through modeling


Operational and design opportunities for improved controllability and observability


Information driven technology for autonomous operation and precise control

In leveraging our goals, we exploit and extend applied mathematics, systems and control theory approaches and chemical engineering fundamentals (transport phenomena, reaction engineering and thermodynamics). We test and try out newly developed technology in practice and under realistic circumstances.

As Smart Process Operations and Control Lab, we are a group multidisciplinary engineers and part of Control Systems Group at the Electrical Engineering department of TU/e.