The AIDA project performed fundamental and applied research towards predictive capabilities and the integration of digital technologies to different market-sectors. We have studied  how Artificial Intelligence solutions can be extended and improved with the inclusion of dynamic (transient) process information hence will lead to better predictions, and therefore better applicability.

The AIDA project focused on monitoring the energy consumption in buildings with the aim at predicting the required energy and get a more efficient management with a reduction of cost and lower environmental impact.

The work performed in this project has allowed to set and validate the proof of concept of the hybrid approach (AI + dynamic models) which has demonstrated to be promising for improving the assessment of single AI frameworks.

There has been great interest in RemoteLabs in the media.



BNR radio:   Will Hendrix’s interview with Maarten Bouwhuis in the program ‘In Bedrijf blijven

Omroep Brabant

Congratulations to Carlos Eduardo! He will join the Toulouse Biotechnology Institute for Bio and Chemical engineering (TBI) from January 2021 as a Researcher in (bio) processes modeling. He will be working on the development of mathematical models, numerical methods and their implementation for the evaluation of the environmental impact of new processes since their conception (eco-design) in order to valorize renewable resources and wastes.


Congratulations to Toos! She completed her double master’s degree both in Systems and Control and Mechanical Engineering. Her thesis was Active Control of Acoustic Instabilities using ozone. She was supervised by Dr. Jeroen van Oijen and This Hazenberg  from Mechanical Engineering Department and Dr. Leyla Ozkan, Carlos Mendez Blanco from Control Systems Group