Daimy Prikken

Process Control & Optimization Engineer, Sitech B.V.

Personal Experience

My name is Daimy Prikken. I was born and raised in Maastricht. I have started my bachelor Electrical Engineering in 2012 and finished it in 2016. During my bachelor I got in touch with Control Systems and immediately got excited about this field of expertise. Towards the end of my bachelor, I did my Final Bachelor project with Leyla Özkan in the Control Systems group. The topic of my project was about the tuning of model-based controllers applied on a three-tank system.

Through this project, I got to experience the field of process control, that I have never encountered before during my bachelor. Then I started my master Systems & Control in 2016. I liked the topic of process control and specialized in this field. As a result I also did my internship in the process industry. The topic of this internship was the modelling and control of a chemical reactor. Currently I am doing my thesis in the process control group as well. The thesis is about LPV modelling and parameter estimation for reactive systems.