Dr. Marcella Porru

Advanced Process Control Consultant, IPCOS

Personal Experience

I am currently am APC Engineer at IPCOS, B.V.

I was post-doctoral researcher of the Control System (CS) group at the TU-Eindhoven. I was involved in the INSPEC (Integrating Sensor Based Process Monitoring and Advanced Process Control) project, developing knowledge and models in the field of the dynamics of milk acidification together with Friesland Campina.

I was a member of the CS group, from May 2015 till February 2017, I was involved in the IMPROVISE (Improved Process Operation via Rigorous Simulation Models) project, with focus on modeling, estimation and control of industrial crystallizers.

I attained the Ph.D degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cagliari (Italy) in March 2015, with thesis titled Quality regulation and energy saving through control and monitoring techniques for industrial multicomponent distillation columns.

My research interests include: advanced process control, model-based nonlinear estimation, process modelling, and integration of process design and control.